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The Three Yanas and Qualities of a Guru

Introduction to the Three Traditions of Buddhism (Yanas) and Qualities that a Guru should possess

(From a teaching on the three Yanas during the Dragon Yogis Retreat held in Bhutan in 2015 and teaching on Guru-Student Relationship in Vietnam in 2013)

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Teaching on Amitabha Buddha and His Pure Land

Teaching on Buddha Amitabha (Sangay Yoepamed) and His Pure Land (Dewachengi Zhingkham)

How to positively help the deceased and the dying ones through Buddha Amitabha practice ~ Gyalwa Dokhampa

1. Cultural and Spiritual values

We should realize that our culture is about how we liv ...

The Monk In The Luxury Hotel

Lessons from a Himalayan Buddhist Master
By Raphael, Departure Magazine

When it comes to religion, I have been called a libertine, a blasphemer, a dilettante and a skeptic. But even for someone as irreverent as myself, there’s something intimidating about the prospect of interviewing a Himalayan Buddh ...

Recognising anger and managing it effectively

Emotion: What’s anger? How does one manage this emotion? As naturally in men as this emotion sits, the questions are serious. They are vital to understand oneself. They are vital to relate oneself with others.

His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa Jigme Pema Nyinjadh and the referral hospital’s psychiatrist Dr ...

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