Buddha Amitabha (Sangay Yuepamey) And His Pure Land (Dewachengi Zhingkham Or Sukhavati)

This teaching on the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha given by Gyalwa Dokhampa will touch upon - the sufferings in the six realms, why do we want to be born in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, how this practice helps us prepare and guide us during the time of death, important things to remember at the time of death, conditions to take rebirth in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha, benefits of this practice even during our present life, and how do we visualize during the practice. 

May this Teaching give Reassurance and Blessing of Buddha Amitabha to all those who are about to Die and those who are about to Lose Loved Ones.

Published on - 09-Apr-2023

The Secret Guru Padmasambhava

~ Talk by Gyalwa Dokhampa at the Mountain Echoes 2016

When I was about 15 years old, one of my Gurus told me that in our prayers we say that the entire universe is Guru. And he asked me if I actually understood what that means? This entire universe is Guru, this table is Guru, this chair is Guru, how dare we sit on a Guru? It took me a long time to understand what it really means when we say that the entire universe is Guru. Usually, being religious, we just accept what we hear and don’t really think about it.

Published on - 29-Nov-2017

Respect and Empower Individuals with diverse abilities

Practicing Buddhism is about doing positive deeds, avoiding negative deeds and ultimately taming our mind. However, in many cases, there is a trace of narrow mindedness when we do positive deeds. Many a times, we limit our positive deeds to just going to temples and performing rituals, which should not be the case. Accumulation of positive deeds can be done through offerings to (i) Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for their great qualities, (ii) parents for their extreme kindness to their children and (iii) people who are suffering and in need - to whom our little kindness mean so much to them. All these three offerings are the sources of great merit - abundant and quick like fertile fields

Published on - 29-Aug-2017

Boddhicitta & Attachment

There are many different kinds of emotions and these are actually projections of our mind.  Emotions are not something separate from our own mind but, of course, we see them as being very different and separate because we do not really recognize the mind right now.  Sometimes we get angry and jealous or feel very happy and excited- all kinds of ups and downs. Actually, we do not understand what we are going through, who we are, who is really angry or happy, who is feeling down or excited: what is really happening.  In fact, we do not have an idea of ‘ourselves’ even thought we say ‘we’ or ‘I’ and use these different labels. I think that even up to right now we don’t really know ourselves well. So we now want to know ourselves, which is quite funny.

Published on - 14-Mar-2017

The Restful Mind - A Teaching by Gyalwa Dokhampa in London

This evening, I would like to approach this subject (Restful Mind) as a person who is a Buddhist practitioner and received Buddhist trainings on meditation, especially the tradition of the Drukpa order. I will talk on how myself and the monastic orders do our daily meditations and what does meditation mean to us because it might be slightly different from what it means to the modern world. Nowadays, the modern world needs meditation because of stress from jobs, relationships, etc. If that is the only reason why meditation is done, then many of us who are not working in a big company do not have that kind of stress. Stress release is only a part of the result of meditation.

Published on - 01-Aug-2016

An introduction to Jatshug Rilbu ( The Rainbow Pill)

"Namo Avalokiteshvara" Whose love for all beings is like the love of a mother for her only child. To benefit sentient beings, you appear in various forms - animate and inanimate. Boundless is your compassionate activities. Bless us to develop boundless and impartial compassion!"

Even though the moon is reflected in a thousand different pools, it is true that its original form never leaves the night sky. Likewise from the view of ultimate reality, enlightened beings remains in the Dharmakaya (Choe Ku), while manifesting themselves in the infinite forms of Sambhogakaya(Long Ku) and Nirmanakaya (Trulku) to benefit sentient beings.

Published on - 01-Aug-2016

Bodhicitta from The Bodhisattva

Cultivate your mind and all will be ok. That is the essence of Gyalwa Dokhampa's teaching. At the request from the principal and teachers of Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School(Bhutan), Gyalwa Dokhampa has kindly agreed to give teachings from the book Boddhisattva's Way of Life to the students and teachers

Published on - 01-Aug-2016

Teaching on Amitabha Buddha and His Pure Land

Teaching on Buddha Amitabha (Sangay Yoepamed) and His Pure Land (Dewachengi Zhingkham)

How to positively help the deceased and the dying ones through Buddha Amitabha practice ~ Gyalwa Dokhampa

1. Cultural and Spiritual values

We should realize that our culture is about how we live this life. For example, what do we do - when we have a new born, when a couple is getting married, when someone dies, what prayers do we do daily, how do we live in this world, how do we maintain our relation with our family members. We should understand why do we do things in a certain manner and what is the meaning? 

Published on - 14-Mar-2016

Teaching on Green Tara

Basically, whenever if you receive some Buddhist teachings, you might notice that every master might give different teachings – there is Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. Then even within Vajrayana also there are many lineages. Sometimes, you might even wonder and some people tell me that it is very confusing to be a Buddhist. In Vajrayana, there are so many different paths, different practices…they don’t even know what to practice. They wish it would be simpler. In a way, they are right. It is confusing especially at first. Buddha Shakyamuni had given 84000 different teachings because we all have different types of personalities and different emotions. For example, today all of you guys are dressed very differently. Some are wearing white shirts, some are in casuals, some in fashion. So that is because we all have a different sense of style, different desires. So if we give one t-shirt and ask you all to like it, all may not like it. So if Buddha Shakyamuni gave only one teaching to all, it may not have been suitable to everybody. His kindness led to give so many teachings. That is why Buddha Shakyamuni had given 84000 different teachings because we all have different types of personalities.

Published on - 01-Feb-2016